Manive Aqua Soap Bar - 125gm

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Product Description

Manive Aqua Soap Bar

Manive Aqua Bar is rich in Vitamin E, Shea Butter & Olive Oil. This multipurpose soap made with a blend of luxurious ingredients will help get you through the day feeling fresh. A long day on the road calls for a good bathing session in the bathtub afterwards to clean up and refresh your skin. How can we forget about the hydration? Sometimes water just doesn’t cut it; there is nothing more fulfilling than using our all-natural soap bars and rinse off before starting off your day. Enjoy this burst of freshness throughout the day, while also adding protection to your skin.

With Manive Aqua Bar, you can start your day feeling clean and confident. Take a moment to enjoy the refreshing burst of the classic Manive Aqua Bar with its clean-rinsing formula that leaves no dirt on your skin thanks to quality ingredients like Shea Butter, Olive Oil and Vitamin E. With this multipurpose bar, you'll be ready for anything from hiking to an interview or coffee date.


Vitamin E

Shea Butter

Olive Oil

How to Use

Step 1 - Run the Manive Aqua Soap all over your body and apply generously.

Step 2 - Gently massage to work up a rich lather.

Step 3 - Rinse off, pat dry. Moisturize as necessary.

Legal Disclaimer

Our products contain oils and butters from natural nuts, seeds and fruit. If you have any allergies please read the product label carefully. We recommend performing a patch test first to ensure there is no reaction. Discontinue if irritation occurs. Our products are made with naturally derived ingredients, which in rare cases may cause sensitivity in certain individuals. If sensitivity occurs, discontinue use immediately.


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