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16 Again Korean Red Ginseng | Pure Korean Ginseng Supplements 500mg (100 Capsules)

Pure Fenugreek Herbal Extract | 500mg -120 Capsules

97% of 100


If there is a spice that is used as a condiment and as a remedy, it is definitely fenugreek! This brown seed is found in many traditional and modern medicines in the world, and it has a number of benefits. Fenugreek Capsules contain phosphorus, steroidal saponins. The steroidal saponins contribute to the synthesis of cholesterol and sex hormones. It carries amino acid which increases the insulin production of the body when the blood sugar level is too high.



Each Fenugreek capsule contains an extract of organic Fenugreek seeds (Methi) 500 mg, Protein (30%), Carbohydrates (20%), Lipids (10%)
- Minerals: phosphorus, iron, sulfur, nicotinic acid, magnesium, calcium, etc.
- Vitamins: A, B1, and C
- Saponins: diosgenin and yamogenin (compounds with properties similar to estrogen)
- Alkaloids: trigonelline, among other flavonoids: antioxidants lecithin mucilaginous
- Fibres (up to 40%): galactomannans
- Essential oils

Composition of Nutriherbs Fenugreek Herbal Extract 120 Capsules


Best Fenugreek has anti-inflammatory, stimulating and soothing properties, with the ability to open the appetite, promoting, among other things, weight gain, or regulate blood sugar. The best Fenugreek capsules are considered as a stimulating neuromuscular medicine that:

  • - stimulates appetite
    - regulates pancreatic secretions
    - lowers blood sugar
    - lowers the fat level
    - lowers the rate of cholesterol in the blood
    - acts as a painkiller
    - acts as an aphrodisiac
    - stimulates breast milk production
    - is anti-inflammatory in nature
  • Fenugreek is a natural detoxifier: a stimulant of the pancreas and the lymphatic system. Along with its phytoestrogens, fenugreek health benefits have a regulating effect on male and female hormones.
  • Action on menopause: Fenugreek capsules benefits stimulate the synthesis of women's sex hormones: estrogen and progesterone, and it is rich in proteins and nutrients that stimulate the woman's sexual glands.

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Uses of Nutriherbs Fenugreek Herbal Extract 120 Capsules
  • Develop the immune system: Thanks to its composition, fenugreek health benefits stimulates the immune system. It also has antifungal, and antiparasitic properties. Thus, it allows the body to protect against infections and bacterial, microbial and viral diseases such as winter ailments, influenza, colds, asthma. It also works well as an Ayurvedic medicine in the treatment against vaginal infections, urinary tract infections and uterine infections.
  • Improve breast milk production: Fenugreek for breast milk has always been used to increase the production and quality of breast milk in breastfeeding women, especially the first weeks. It also acts as a nutritional supplement that is necessary for the good health of the mother for effective breastfeeding.
  • Effect on breasts: It cannot be denied that fenugreek has always been used to firm up or even increase breast enlargement.
  • Anti-inflammatory action: Fenugreek is recognized and used to relieve skin inflammations, as well as rheumatic and neuralgic pain.


Instructions to use

2 capsules a day in the morning and evening to be taken with a glass of warm water for best results.


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While Fenugreek is a safe capsule to consume during pregnancy or lactation, it is recommended to consult your doctor prior to consumption.

Diabetic patients and people under medication for certain ailments such as heart, lungs and liver need to consult their doctor prior to consumption.

Please stop the medication immediately in case of any allergies or reactions.

Children under the age of 18 years should consult a doctor prior to the usage of the supplement.

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    Outstanding product...reasonable price...customer care service is good


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  2. Awesome
    This product is very good... it helps to resolve all my problems... relieving menstrual pain and increasing breast milk production


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