Combo – SSCPL Herbals Chemically Treated Hair Shampoo 200ml+ Hairspa 490gm + Farmity Biotin 60 Capsules

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Product Description

Combo Complete Hair Care – SSCPL Herbals Chemically Treated Hair shampoo + Hair Spa Mask + Farmity Biotin

Just like your skin needs a little TLC, it's important for you to care for your hair too. If you have chemically treated or damaged hair then this SSCPL Herbals Chemically Treated Hair shampoo is the perfect choice for you. Not only does it help to repair your hair but it also ensures that it is cared for so that it gets stronger, more beautiful and healthy with each wash.

The natural ingredients in this shampoo not only help to detangle your hair and make it more manageable but it also ensures that it is soft and shiny. This is a paraben free shampoo, which is extremely beneficial for your hair.

The best way to nourish chemically treated hair is to follow up a wash with a good hair spa. Whether cleansing hair once a week or every day, you'll enjoy the conditioning properties of this hair mask. Together with vitamin-rich Amla, Moringa and Bergamot, we have blended this amazing hair mask for soft tresses that are full of life. Furthermore, your hair will be more manageable because of its improved elasticity and manageability. Amla has been infused in to give it an added boost by healing dryness along with giving hair color vibrancy while Moringa repairs any damage done by chemical treatments while giving both highlights and lowlights their characteristic lustre. Lastly, Bergamot oil lends a subtle aroma as it zests up your strands to promote natural growth.

For best results, consume Farmity Biotin capsules to promote healthy hair growth and improve hair quality. If you thought that beautiful hair is something you only see in movies then it’s time to get your hands on these Farmity Biotin capsules. The right nutrition is essential for good skin, hair and nails and that's exactly what biotin gives you.


Soft Bouncy Hair

Better Hair Growth

Reduces Hair Fall

Nourishes & Moisturizes

sscpl chemically treated hair shampoo and hairspa &  farmity biotin combo

How to Use

1. SSCPL Herbals Chemically Treated Hair shampoo

Step 1 -Rinse your hair with warm water.

Step 2 -Lather up the SSCPL Herbals Advance Repair Paraben Free pH Balanced Shampoo from roots to ends gently.

Step 3 -Rinse off and follow up with hair spa mask.

2. SSCPL Herbals Chemically Treated Hair Spa Mask

Step 1 - Wash your hair.

Step 2 - Take a generous amount of hair mask and apply evenly from root to tip.

Step 3 - Leave the mask for 3-4 minutes.

Step 4 - Rinse off and gently towel dry.

3. Farmity Biotin Capsules

One capsule after meals with lukewarm water or milk, twice a day or as recommended by your physician.

Legal Disclaimer

Our products contain extracts, oils and butters from natural sources such as leaves, roots, nuts, seeds fruit, etc. If you have any allergies please read the product label carefully. We recommend performing a patch test first to ensure there is no reaction. Discontinue if irritation occurs. SSCPL Herbal products are enriched with ingredients derived from natural sources, which in rare cases may cause sensitivity in certain individuals. If sensitivity occurs, discontinue use immediately and consult your physician.


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