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Please read the terms and conditions carefully before you begin using this Heebs website. By using this website you confirm your agreement to the below mentioned conditions.

In addition, any future use of this website confirms you will be subject to the guidelines, terms and conditions applicable to the service provided by Heebs Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

The use of this website is subject to the following terms of use:

The content of the pages of Heebs Healthcare Pvt. Ltd is for your general information and use only. It is subject to change without notice.

When you place an order on this site, you automatically agree to our terms and conditions as mentioned below. Please go through our terms and conditions prior to placing your order. You may also print a hard copy of these terms for future reference. Please note that our terms and conditions are subject to change, without prior notice. We also recommend going through our privacy policy page to understand how your personal information is referenced.

  1. Your Account

When using this website you are responsible for maintaining confidentiality of your account and all details including your password and the settings on your computer or Smartphone in order to prevent unauthorized access into your account. You agree to accept all responsibility for the activities which occur in your account. Please take the necessary steps required to protect and secure your account. If you suspect unusual activity on your account, you are required to inform Heebs Healthcare Pvt. Ltd about this immediately. We reserve the right to refuse access or terminate accounts without prior notice.

  1. Privacy

It is essential for users to review our privacy policy before using the website in order to understand the practices. All personal details and data collected are considered confidential and are in accordance with the law. If you are not comfortable with your information being used you are requested to discontinue using the website.

  1. Access

Heebs Healthcare Pvt. Ltd tries hard to ensure the services of this website are available without interruption and all activities can be conducted error free. However, the nature of the internet is such that this cannot be guaranteed. Heebs Healthcare Pvt. Ltd may suspend or restrict your access to the website during the time of upgradation or maintenance without prior notice. Heebs Healthcare Pvt. Ltd tries very hard to limit the duration of such restrictions.

  1. Website Access

Heebs Healthcare Pvt. Ltd grants users a limited access to the website for browsing. However, users are not permitted to download or modify any other content of the website without permission from Heebs Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

Certain information on this website is subject to copyright and no user is allowed to replicate or duplicate the information. Those interested in commercial sale need to contact the affiliate team for permission of such activities. You can send an email to support@heebs.in for further information.

  1. User Conduct

In order for you to get uninterrupted service from Heebs Healthcare Pvt. Ltd you are required to use the website in accordance to the terms and conditions mentioned. Please note that the user is responsible for all electronic communications and transactions that occur on the website. All the consent you provide to us and the access to certain information from your computer is in accordance with the law. When using Heebs website you must refrain from the following:

  •         Using the website for fraudulent purposes, unlawful activity or with connection to any criminal offence.
  •         To promote illegal activities or products
  •         To pose as a threat to other users
  •         To spam
  •         To use the website for commercial purposes without permission
  1. Children

The products of Heebs Healthcare Pvt. Ltd are exclusively available to people who are able to bind in a legal contract in accordance to the Indian Contract Act, 1872. Any person below the age of 18 years who wishes to use the products of Heebs Healthcare Pvt. Ltd requires a parent or guardian to assist them and prior written permission from a medical practitioner.

  1. Health Disclaimer

All information available on this website is for your information only and is not meant to act as a substitute for your ongoing medication or to treat any medical conditions. It is also not meant to substitute the advice provided by your physician or healthcare professional. We highly recommend consulting your doctor prior to using any of these products.

If you are pregnant, breast feeding, planning to conceive, under any kind of medication, or have heart related ailments; we highly recommend consulting your physician before using our products. Please note the results for the products mentioned on the website vary from one person to another. The information and statements regarding products, supplements, the adverse effects and the health benefits listed on this website have in no way been evaluated by the FDA (food and drug administration) or any other related government authority.

Your use of any information or products on Heebs Healthcare Pvt. Ltd is entirely at your own risk, for which we shall not be liable. It shall be your own responsibility to ensure that any products available through this website meet your specific requirements. Under no circumstances will Heebs Healthcare Pvt. Ltd be liable or responsible for direct or indirect costs incurred by the customer. The maximum liability of Heebs Healthcare Pvt. Ltd will be limited to replacement of the product or refund of the value paid which will be at its sole discretion. The customer agrees to purchase and use the products at his / her own risk and responsibility, and not hold Heebs Healthcare Pvt. Ltd liable for any indirect costs of any kind whatsoever.


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